Friday, November 12, 2004

Diwali at casa plumpernickel

This year I celebrate Diwali all on my own. The reason being that we had a holiday the day before Diwali and not on Diwali day itself (which is today) because in Bengal, Kali Puja is celebrated and not Diwali and that is always a day ahead Diwali. So yesterday, I went Diwali shopping. I went and chose new drapes (beige and rust) and ordered the tailoring, got new bedspreads and cushion covers, few clothes and diyas and candles for the house. Yesterday evening, I worked out in the gym for over an hour, showered and went home, lit my candles in diyas and enjoyed my lit up apartment. I felt peaceful and calm and I managed to finish 4 inches off my reading pile. Today too, I plan to light up my castle and read. I am not getting any diwali sweets simply because I don't expect anybody and I have lost major weight and don't want to put it back on. If anyone does come by, they get after-eights and watermelon coolers. Heh! I miss the folks during festivals normally but this time, to be honest I'm happy at home. I'm done with the diwali greetings and exchanging gifts etc. and today I can just laze around and read.


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