Friday, November 12, 2004

Wintertraum and punch

My last day in Germany, I walked out of the hotel to stretch my legs after finishing my packing. I walked to the centre of the square and heard an organ playing and tiny fairy lights twinkling in the distance. I walked to the lights and found a tiny fair arranged around a skating rink with artificial snow. I stood watching people skate by and the fairy lights and people around me. Most people were hanging out after work and were relaxed and in no hurry. It was cold, nippy but not the kinds that is unbearable and I was snug in my coat and scarf. I noticed people sipping something hot in dark blue mugs and I could smell a sweetish, cinnamon aroma that seemed to be emanating from the steaming mugs. Walking over to the stall that was selling the drink, I went and asked what it was and the rosy-cheeked lady told me it was punch. I had some with rum in it and was soon enveloped in the same spicy, punchy smell. After that, I had curry wurst (after ages), potato salad and some indifferent paella. Tummy filled, punch mug collected as souvenier, I walked back to the hotel, into the bar and had an interesting cocktail that the bartender recommended. The ending to the day was good, even though the beginning was not.


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