Friday, August 05, 2005

The Mastercard Moment

Shiny happy shirt - Rs. 2999/-
Trousers - Rs. 2699/-
Stole - Rs. 2300/-
Shoes - Rs. 2400/-
Purse - Rs. 1454/-
Barrette - Rs. 50/-
Watch - Rs. 7000/-

To be asked, "Are you freshly out of college?"

Yesterday I went for a dinner meeting. It was networking, more networking, wheeling, dealing and schmoozing - a regular days work. I met these people and was explaining something that I wanted and then the conversation got more personal and veered to colleges and this lady asked me if I was freshly out of college and whether or not this was my first job? I'm thinking now, "Do I appear juvenile? Did I say something juvenile? Should I have not put my hair in a barrette? Did I dress too young?" But no, there are few women who are dressed similarly. Then she says, "Your skin is glowing, how do you maintain it?" Well, lets just say that my idiot skin just decided to be nice for a change. One of the really, really rare moments.


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