Friday, August 19, 2005

What is THE question?

A measure of my asocial nature: I have no inclination to go to any bloggers' meet, despite enjoying the bloggers' meet bloggers' blogs. Maybe I will? Maybe I won't? Hah! I wish Varsha commotion would return, but she with Ii is romancing Khajuraho. Right now, I want to bitch and poke fun and get all snooty.

I am being dragged to an alumni meet today. It is ironic really. I've hated being on campus because something in me can't abide with groups. I can't bear to be part of a sorority (or fraternities as happens in India in most technical and business schools and colleges because of the sheer lack of women), the cliqueishness gets to me after a while. Also, my colleges made me miserable. Everyone pretended they had made it without studying (nevermind the actual reason why most of the sorry ass men had no life), the competition was intense in everything, there were giant egos on display everywhere and the academically inferior were treated like vermin by their classmates and professors. The few women on campus who were marginally presentable to look at got away with murder, while I put up with insults and rude comments because of my fat (which is why now, when I see my classmates and peers who have gotten heavier - and I am losing weight everyday these days, I put my faith a little more in divine retribution).

Anyway, I am meeting Alumni and I do not know what to say to them. Perhaps a "Were you as miserable in college or did you belong to the side that made others miserable?" might not go down very well. So tonight I shall wear demure clothes (oh! The temptation of wearing slinky, sexy, slutty clothes!) and pretend I enjoy the back-slapping.


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