Friday, October 14, 2005

On The Road

You can sit back and rest, I will have covered all eventualities.

1. Break a nail? No problem, I have my plastic file and emery board (Travel safe, you know!) ready.

2. Thirsty? Water, diet coke or buttermilk?

3. Hungry? Crackers, chewing gum (in three flavours but all sugarfree) and an apple?

4. Bored? You have the choice of a novel, assorted magazines OR music on my IPod. Sorry about the Dylan though.

5. Dirty hands? Here's some industrial strength wet tissue, dry tissue to dry the hands and some anti-bacterial cleanser.

6. Feeling smelly? Deo and some L'occitane?

7. Feeling dry? Nivea or Biotherm?

8. Afraid of leaving behind papers? I have all scanned on a CD, just to be safe.

9. Crumpled, dirty clothes? Use my spare tee?

I have tried to travel light, but the stress just kills me. What embarasses me is that I normally am well-prepared for all eventualities, even if I am not travelling. Did I mention a sewing-kit? No? That's for when a button breaks or a hem unravels and one runs out of safety pins. Heh.


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