Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blogging Annoyances

  1. When Blogger makes me switch over to the superior versions - Not a problem per se, but it wasted my time, when I could have written a post instead.
  2. Girls/ Women/ Chicks/ Females/ Persons with Vaginas - {} insert politically appropriate term; referring to their boyfriends/ husbands/ SOs as "The Boy". It just annoys me. I think because I really prefer older men, and I dislike boys, but I really can't describe 40 year olds as "The Boy". There is just something wrong in that. Does anyone hear "mid-life crisis"?
  3. Indian PhD students blogging. Dudes (and politically correct female equivalents) you guys know everything. You are the Supreme Ones and your blogs are exteremely tedious to read. I fully admit my superficiality, but to me supreme torture consists of being forced to read a politically correct, righteous Indian PhD student(mostly in the USA)'s blog.
  4. Kolkata University or even worse, Jadavpur University Chicks blogging. Every female kid doing English hons or masters in English has a blog. Where, oh where are the guys? Why are the guys who study English not blogging? Why?
  5. People posting really sorry pics of the food they cook on their food blogs. I know not everyone can take a great food pic. Even mine are not so great, but putting a distinctively unappetising picture, in my opinion is just a fucking annoyance.
  6. Blogger not opening older comments. V. annoying.
  7. The entire "comment or else your linking perishes" phenomena. I'm not going to comment for linking, but it would be nice if anyone, just anyone links to me, just on the strength of er... my humour, my general sexiness, my rocking posts (heh) or my general "good" cheer. Go on, I know you all are tempted...
  8. The Bloggies or whatever the idiotic Blog awards are called. Argggh. It almost makes me want to stop reading blogs around this time.
  9. My idiot digital camera dying on me.
  10. Not having enough time to blog.


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