Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Home Delivery - Bhojohari Manna

Bhojohari Manna remains my favourite Bengali food fix when my cook doesn't want to cook, I crave Bengali food and it is too late to go to or I am too tired to pop in at Kewpie's or have lost the heart to go to 6 Ballygunge Place that is just a hop, skip and jump away. This also remains one place where I don't have to tell them my address and they tell me which fish is the freshest.

I am planning a series of posts on bengali dishes and this remains my favourite vegetarian one - Shukto. This is a vegetable stew (with bitter gourd, drum sticks, brinjals, white gourd, boris etc.) that is best savoured cold, with hot steaming rice. Bhojohari manna does Shukto well, and in the absence of my cook's enthusiasm provides me the best shukto fix ever.

I ordered Tel Koi because the guy told me it was fresh. The fish was wonderfully fresh, but rather bony and I didn't like the excessive oil. So, I shall stick to Hilsa, Shukto, Bhetki paturi etc. from now on.

This is also a constant during the Hilsa season - bhape ilish (steamed hilsa). To be honest, this is nowhere as flavorful as Kewpie's or best of all, Aheli's Hilsa, but as I said, in absence of everything provides me a fix.

This entire meal cost me INR 300+. Reached me in an hour, just in time, as I finished bathing, cooked rice in my rice cooker and lay the table.
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