Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Checkpoint Chamia - Because Why Should Cocktails Not Have Indian Names?

Last Summer, I was in Berlin. This summer too I will be in Berlin, for a week, working my ass off. I took a picture that I liked a lot. I described it to V.

In summers, I need lime, lemons and lemony drinks. I want all my drinks to have a twist of lime, if possible. Also, I made up a new cocktail and I wanted a new name. According to V, why should Cocktails not have Indian Names? Indeed, why not? V named this one and the name kind of grew on me.

Checkpoint Chamia

Absolut Citron
Lime or lemon juice

Mix and match to the strength you want. Me, I like mine with LOTS of limoncello and lime juice...



At 12:53 AM, Blogger oddity said...

if your can wriggle a few moments out of your working-ass-off schedule, try to look for 'goodbye Lenin' VCD


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