Monday, March 03, 2008

I Laughed Too Soon

I laughed mercilessly at my brother's tax cuts, until I got handed my pay cheque today.

The day I get to walk on clean pavements, minus road romeos and eve teasers, do not need to drink bottled water and can drink straight from the tap, do not have to see (for me, heart rending) children begging at traffic lights, I will stop grumbling about my taxes. Education cess! Bah! If even a rupee of the amount deducted from my salary goes into education, I would be happy. At times like these, I consider seriously trading in my passport, but then, where else could I call the prime minister/ president/ other MPs etc., ineffective, untrustworthy fools in public repeatedly and get away with it. Personal freedom Vs. a better quality of life. Tough call for me.



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