Thursday, January 10, 2008

How to be a Non-Annoying House Guest 101

  • Inform your host about your allergies and schedules atleast a day in advance.
  • Inform your host about your date of arrival atleast 3 days in advance.
  • Make an effort to eat the food during mealtimes, unless you have serious food allergies. And if you do, please inform the host in advance.
  • Try and express interest in your host's life and try not to deride their interests on their faces and often. This specifically applies to old college and school friends, because people change and often develop different interests over the years that you wouldn't know about.
  • When your host asks you what you want to do, do not always say, "Whatever!" or "Anything you want to do." It makes your host clueless as to what to plan for you to make you feel comfortable. The same goes for food. If you let your host know what you like, it helps.
  • Try and spend quality time with your host, rather than calling up all friends and relatives all the time and regailing them with a minute to minute account of your day.

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