Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Difference Between Delhi and Calcutta

Over Dinner, FnF and I were talking about how terrible it is that women in India have to face so much unpleasantness in daily life, viz a viz. sexual harassment. Both of us stopped going for morning walks just because the everyday nuisance of having men brush past, ogle, pass lewd comments and just try to bully you into submission is not encouraging at all. I have nearly slapped many men or threatened to do so and abused them severely. I don't wish to do this when I'm on a walk supposedly for relaxation, however I don't want to be raped or to be brushed against or bullied in any manner. Then we compared cities and since she actually stayed in Delhi while I merely studied there and was on campus all the time, I think she would be a better judge. She said that in Delhi, the harassment is merely sexual in nature, but in Calcutta there is a belligerence and frustation.

I have never thought about this. I would like to know if there are any women from Delhi who read this and who agree with this. Also, women from Calcutta. Do you also feel the frustation and belligerence of men in Kolkata?

I am very upset about how India treats its women. Why is everyday life made so unpleasant? Why can't we punish eve-teasing and sexual harassment with castration? I am sure that would deter people. If I was a man, that would deter me. What do Indian men feel about this?

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