Thursday, January 03, 2008

365 days

2007 was a busy and monumental year for me. 2008, will be busier, as I have a million things on my "To Do" lists, both personally and professionally. Personally, I would only like to remember the good that happened in 2007 and not the bad. To preserve 2007 for posterity, or atleast as long as this blog exists:

1. Losing 8 kgs (about 17 pounds) and maintaining the weight for over a month. My goal for 2008 is another 10 kgs. This will enable me to finally don a swimming suit without dying of shame. I swim now also, but am awfully conscious of my tummy.
2. Passing all exams.
3. Not sabotaging and destroying all my meaningful relationships and learning to forgive and forget in incremental doses.
4. Visiting 1 new country (Cambodia) and many new places and cities (Vancouver, Chicago, Washington D.C., Sorrento, Anacapri, Naples, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Shanghai) and many old haunts (NYC, SG ad infinitum, BKK ad infinitum).
5. Maintaining good fiscal discipline. Baby steps, but getting there. Experiencing the thrill of having my credit limits increased automatically without having to ask. If one travels as much as I do, this really is a godsend.
6. Increasing my collection by 3 paintings. Like I said, baby steps.
7. Having the satisfaction of taking my hobbies a step further. Painting 1 full painting and a yet to be completed tryptich. Working on a film crew. Writing and being published - professionally, but not quite.
8. Meeting powerful women. Nothing makes me happier than this.
9. Making great new friends and preserving the older ones.
10. Learning how to configure my PC completely on my own. Windows XP Media Center, I really hate you.
11. Not losing even one person on my personal crew - maids, drivers, etc.
12. Inspiring 16 people to participate in the Annual Calcutta run. Who said bribery did not work? hehehehehehehe...
13. Meeting lots of family this year, by my standards. Cousins, uncles, aunts.

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