Monday, December 10, 2007

Mushroom Cutlets

At the end of a 1.5 hour video conference, my colleague mentioned they had some amazing chicken cutlets for lunch (food is very important at my workplace, hehehehe...) and since then, I had my mind set on having cutlets for dinner. I just couldn't get cutlets out of my head. So, I went home and checked the refridgerator for cutlet amenable ingredients. I found a large bag of oyster mushrooms, and my usual stock of carrots, beans, peas. So, I made my maid chop ginger, green chillies, coriander post haste and boil and mash potatoes. A quick mix of the ingredients, seasonings, a dip in egg, a roll in bread crumbs, a flash in the pan and voila! I had my mushroom cutlets. I was in cutlet heaven! Anyway, here's my recipe:


200 gms of oyster mushrooms - diced and boiled (but not mushy)
2 cups of a mixture of carrots, beans, peas, cauliflower and corn - diced and boiled (but not mushy)
5 small-medium potatoes boiled and mashed
a handful of coriander - cut very fine
3 green chillies - sliced very fine
1/2 inch ginger - minced very very fine
2 eggs
salt to taste
mustard - 2 teaspoons
a little lime juice
cornflour - 3 teaspoons
1 slice of white sandwich bread
Breadcrumbs for the final roll
Skillet/ Tava/ Non Stick pan
Oil to pan fry cutlets


Keep one egg aside and the breadcrumbs.
Mix all the rest of the ingredients really well so that the veggies are slightly mashed and form a uniform dough with the mashed potatoes. Beat other egg in a plate, not too much though, season with a little salt. Keep breadcrumbs ready on other plate, ready for the roll. Form cutlets of the mashed veggies and potatoes. Heat the skillet/ tava until hot, add oil and ensure that the skillet is coated well (with oil). Lower to medium heat. Take the cutlets, dip and coat in egg mixture then coat it well with breadcrumbs and add to the skillet. cook, fry on medium heat on both sides until golden brown or done, drain on kitchen towels and serve with salsa, ketchup or mustard kasundi.

This made 9 large cutlets, out of which yours truly ate 4 for dinner, my maid ate 2, and I am preserving the other 3 for lunch tomorrow.

Sorry about the lack of photos. We ate them up and I packed them before I thought I would post about them.

I am also sorry that my recipes don't mention exact ingredients because I cook by estimation and I really don't know how to cook by weight or by following a set recipe. However, these cutlets really are yummy and I'm already looking forward to lunch tomorrow.



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