Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An Ode to Eggs And Being Fegan

Fegan = Vegan + Fish
I suppose, this is the best time to turn fegan, what with the bird flu and eggs and poultry being banned, though I hear, egg sales have been permitted. The key to sticking to a diet is to cheat a little. So, I have cheated by occasionally chomping on a piece of mutton or drinking masala chai, but mostly stuck to my diet.
However, when I think of food these days, my thoughts run to eggs. Hard boiled egg sandwiches or just hard boiled eggs with coo namak, sunny side ups, masala omelettes, egg benedicts, akuri, runny yellow yolks on warm buttered toast, frittatas, asparagus and fried eggs, deviled eggs, hide n seeks, bacon and eggs, egg fried rice...
I've not missed chicken at all in my diet, but eggs, how I miss them!



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