Thursday, January 10, 2008

Things That Annoyed Me in 2007

  • Seema Goswami thinking that Food porn is Nigella Lawson cooking in a tight seater.
  • Seema Goswami's columns in Brunch. Think BTM trying really, REALLY hard.
  • The Blue Potato not taking off as well as it should have.
  • The caesar salad at the Eden Pavilion (ITC Sonar Bangla) being changed by that new parsi woman chef. No! No! No! Though, now I have a new favourite - Shaun does it even better!
  • Having to diet. Since, I have lost 10 kgs, I can't complain, but the unfairness of food = fat still annoys me.
  • My friends and family (read cousins) going the american skinny bitch way. Now, I have a lot of thin friends in Europe who are not gaunt or skeletal and they all eat. Unlike, the really thin american women I know.
  • The Christie's Art Auction at the Calcutta Club. Really bad art! I really want to know who the poor sods were, who paid a bomb to buy really, bad art!
  • The wife of India's most well-known rap star. People, if you ever have the misfortune of bumping into her, run the other way. I pity the chap.
  • Oindrilla Dutt at the Christie's auction. I really dislike her for turning every goddamn event in Calcutta a old school reunion and a mashi-dida fest. And her outfits should be outlawed!
  • Tollywood and Tollywood actors and actresses. Yes, June Maliah, ACTRESSES!
  • Every goddamn club in Calcutta displaying naked chicks as an attraction for diwali, dandiya, christmas and the new year. Is it a wonder that women are molested just about everywhere in India? Considering the fact that clubs are used by a lot of women, should they not have had pictures of naked men to attract me or other women?
  • Times of India, EVERY SINGLE DAY. I read it every day to see what idiocy they chose to propagate that day. I have a good mind to post "TOI Idiot news/article of the day" every single day on this blog.
  • Singapore taxi drivers. I am amazed, some are as rude as Indian ones and actually refuse rides!
  • Taxes. ARGHHHH! I wouldn't mind paying so much, had it not been for the minor fact that I really cannot see where the money goes. There has been zero improvement in everything around me.
  • Home improvements. I need to get my flat repainted this year and the thought is sending shivers down my back.
  • Procrastination. I really need to get my driving licenses.

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