Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Make Me Happy

I could have got married 8 years ago, but I chickened out. I don't know if the other involved party occasionally feels the deep twinges of regret that I do (especially after a 14-15 hour day), but everything considered, I would not have changed even one thing about my life. Today happens to be a 13 hour day (Yipppeee!) and so, I still have the strength to make a list of the tiny joys that made me contented in the last few months -
  1. A chilled bottle of champagne
  2. The season's first mangoes
  3. World space radio
  4. My nephew's antics
  5. Orient Express (Full review coming up - and if you are in Calcutta and don't know about this, you don't know what you are missing!)
  6. Advertising Club Membership discount at a number of my fav restaurants
  7. Body shop almond body scrub
  8. Youtube
  9. My new high, high, high shoes
  10. Air Conditioning



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