Friday, January 02, 2009

What? Are You That Clueless?

People these days apparently lack the ability to make conversation.
So, the sole point of conversation with me is when I plan to get married. As if! WHY are Indians so uncomfortable around single people? Just because I am single doesn't mean my life is hard, I lack male attention, my luck is bad. Perhaps that is the only thing that people perceive they can commiserate with me about. You know how it is with people? They only want to know your sorrows, not your joys. So, probably, seeing that I have a job, do not have life threatening diseases, this is the only thing it boils down to?

WHY don't people get it? Being alone is pretty blissful. I would rather be alone than be with an idiot who when confronted with a woman can only talk about her marriage plans or how her husband is doing. Bah and DOuble Bah!



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At 7:33 AM, Anonymous rp said...

funny posts!totally sympathize with you! usually ppl feel better when they hear someone is not very happy. that's what makes them feel slightly better. anyway thought this was a funny post


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