Friday, July 03, 2009

Why India Should Not Tax Single People Such as Moi

  1. Because I will not procreate and add to the burgeoning population and headache of the government in providing UINs, PANs, Ration Cards etc. for more humans.
  2. Because, all the income I earn is mine and mine alone and not disguised under the head of "spouse" and children.
  3. To compensate for the otherwise irritating and humiliating manner in which most GOI servants treat me - Sample - (i) "Mrs. Plumpernickel" - ummm... No, no, MS. Plumpernickel - Strange suspicious head to toe look ensues. (ii) Passport Officer 1 - "Reason for travel?" - "Tourism" - With mouth agape - "Madam, aapni ekdom ekla jachchein? Kichu mone korbein na. Indiae teke kono mahila ekla prayoh jaaye na." I think I need to have a fresh post about this section, because this post is not about this section.
  4. By not having a spouse aka sidekick aka bonded labourer to run sundry errands, I keep multiple families employed - that of my cook, maid, driver-chauffeur, peon, car-cleaner, dhobi ie ironing man, electrician etc.
  5. By not procreating, I do not need to save for the education of a child and thus I have more disposable income to errr... kickstart the recession ridden economy of couture clothes, shoes, publishing industry, art cottage industries, gourmet food, gyms, movie theatres and spas.
  6. Because of my choices, I am reducing the headache of the GOI in maintaining records pertaining to my family that is restricted to one.

If these are not good reasons for a lifelong tax holiday, the GOI is an ass.

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