Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Only in the USA

1. Will I meet an airhead who will be impressed with the ancient Indian art of "threading", and will discuss it during networking. WTF???
2. Will people talk loudly and slowly with you just because you are not cookie-cutter thin, blonde and white.
3. Will people ask you when you learnt English.
4. Will women think emancipation is having a separate networking event only for women. OHMYGOD - NO. I dont want to be treated any differently and even though I crib about the old boys networks, I really dont want to be party to a cackle of hens.
5. Will I meet really well educated people who have no clue where Calcutta is, never mind that a person of similar educational background from say Chile, not only knows Calcutta but also has read Indian literature.
6. Will have airlines ignore your pre-booked seating and force you to sit in the centre just because they think they can get away with it, because the passenger is not american. Said airline being United and said airline breaking suitcases and the personnel being rude and irresponsible.
7. Will women bras of size a, b and c be padded. WTF? Don't american women with small boobs wear non-padded bras? What is this obssession with being Pamela Anderson Lee?

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