Monday, August 17, 2009

People Who Should Have Swine Flu But Wont Because Their Sole Mission In Life is To Annoy Me

  1. Behenji
  2. Barkha Dutt (Yes sweetie, THATS how annoying you really are)
  3. Most of TOI
  4. Didi
  5. The Karats
  6. Most of the CPI M
  7. Sushmaji
  8. Basically all politicians who irritate me
  9. The fat woman who asked me if I was single because I was divorced, widowed or because no man would marry me (NOT MAKING THIS UP)
  10. All jay walkers
  11. All people who can't stand in a queue in Haldirams and Spencers
  12. Pretentious artists
  13. Pretentious art critics who write catalogues for pretentious artists
  14. Pretentious gallery owners who make pretentious art critics write catalogues for pretentious artists
  15. 98% of Bollywood film industry starting with the Bachchans.

Go on, add to the list... You know you want to!

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