Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Right To Education

After a long, long time, common sense and building a strong foundation for the future seems to have prevailed on the present UPA Government. It is my opinion that enforcement and undertaking this should be in the hands of the Central Government and placing this responsibility in the hands of the state government is not such a good idea, because really which state has displayed good governance at the state level consistently?
Fittingly, the Calcutta edition of the Times of India thought the price of Cristiano's legs was more important than the Right to Education Bill (See First Page 5 Aug 2009 for those there who like me, like sneering at the TOI). I understand pandering to the LCD, but really, what were you thinking?
If I finally get a voter's identity card and IF my name by some miracle appeared on the electoral rolls, I would vote for Sonia Madamji ki party in the next elections, purely on the basis of this one bill.



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