Thursday, September 03, 2009

What I Want For My Birthday

I have been so busy, I totally forgot to post my normal greedy, supplicating, hoping Birthday Gift List that ONLY my sister seems to read and works on. OHIFORGOT, no one else EVER reads my blog. Sigh! So, this is yet another greedy, supplicating Birthday Gift wishlist.
  1. Masses of flowers.
  2. Pure White Linen (the key factor is "pure". White linen is NOT pure white linen.) - just to make this less of a puzzle for people who do not have boobs - this is perfume. Ok? And, I want a lifetime supply, because whatever perfume I start using, gets discontinued.
  3. 5 pairs of the best shoes ever - coccinelle, prada and geox - Me, i'm all about simple and specific tastes. AND I don't get these brands in Calcutta and I havent had the time to shop ANYWHERE ELSE.
  4. 5 or 6 cases of good prosecco OR Moet & Chandon. Not a bottle, okay?
  5. My weight in unpasteurised, blue cheese, preferably french.
  6. My weight in iberian ham OR parma ham.
  7. A personal trainer who will come, drag me out of home and shout me into submission and make me exercise.
  8. A bathtub and someone who will get my bathroom done promising no dust or headaches and chasing after plumbers, masons etc.
  9. A really great lamp.
  10. The perfect jeans.
  11. The best hug ever that lasts for atleast 7 minutes.
  12. A holiday in Hawaii OR Istanbul OR anywhere in Italy (with airconditioning) OR Mauritius OR fucking anywhere.
  13. A single chocolate brownie.
  14. A blackberry flip pearl.
  15. The entire season of family guy.
  16. Many, many paintings.
  17. Mysorepak.
  18. Veg Chop from Harry's.
  19. A size 30 waist.
  20. Did I mention masses and masses and masses of flowers?

I only wish I wasnt getting older. Sigh!

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At 3:55 AM, Blogger Plumpernickel said...

I will greatly enjoy both! Now, to round up suckers for the rest 18/19.....

At 3:06 PM, Blogger kiwiandkitsch said...

I pick the hug:) I will ensure it lasts for 7.5 mins. :)

At 12:31 AM, Blogger Plumpernickel said...

Very funny. Haha. Include esb too and then I REALLY will be happy.


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