Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Revolver Rani

I knew a Revolver Rani in real life. My Nani (maternal grandmother). I used to find the revolver hidden under her saris (she always carried a Smith & Wesson, until few months before her death)pretty much useless. My grandparents lived in rural UP (like the wild, wild west times 100) and now that I have grown up, I realize why she carried it always. That's the only way she could live fearlessly and do whatever she wished, when she wished, in her environment. She was shit scared that one of her grandchildren would fire it by mistake, so when she was at home, it remained locked in her room, which was forbidden zone for everyone. Of all my grandparents, I miss my Nani the most. She was the only grandparent of ours, whose pride in her grandchildren pored from every pore and her love smothered us. We did not appreciate it while she was alive, but I truly wish every girl in India had a grandmother like my Nani.

I don't really believe in afterlife, but a small part of me wishes Nani is somewhere flashing pistols, terrorizing bad guys and being a bad ass, and having a whale of a time.


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