Monday, July 18, 2016

Madame Socialite-Frootcake Prachi Madam has coffee with her power girl gang

Madame Socialite-Frootcake Prachi Madam, member of CCFC, Tolly, Bengal Club, Inner Circle, LSD (Ladies Study Desk) and soon to be member of THE one and only Wine Club has coffee with her power girl gang

I reached Cafe Mezzuna and spied Neena immediately. Air kissed my very dear friend and she started telling me about her long, boring tummy issues. These senior ladies are somewhat boring. Thankfully, Parna, Renu and Minu came and rescued me just in time.

I had to tell everyone about my Prague, Krakow, Budapest and Vienna trip and how we watched the deep, soulful opera in Vienna. OMG! What a touching experience. Minu asked me who the tenors were, but I had to change the topic quickly. WTF remembers such details anyway? I had flooded FB with the selfies to prove everything anyway. Neena also was in Prague, so I had to quiz her about the shopping she did. Obviously, like always she had to say she didnt shop much. If my husband was cheating on me openly, bhai, even I would lose all interest in shopping. I guess the purse strings must have tightened. I also took care to mention to Parna that I checked out that twee patisserie she asked me to go and have afternoon tea at. WHO has afternoon tea in Prague. Only Parna, I guess.

Neena and I started discussing our LSD book club and I asked her how far she was through Jorasanko. Renu, the clueless chick that she is, asked if she could join the book club and Neena had to put her in her place. These service class people! Uff! Ye professional ladies badi pushy hoti hain.

I asked Parna how her business was doing. So much fun. You see, Bhawna had told me it was floundering and they had shut shop. Parna brushed it off by saying she was getting a call. When she returned, Parna had to quiz Neena about her marital woes. This is becoming a pattern. How boring. We all know everything there is to know about it. Waise bhi ye to ghar ghar ki kahani hai.

Finally we started planning our next ladies day out to Renu's bagan bari. Nothing like getting some fresh, country air. Yes, its only 5 kms from Howrah. So? She's promised us some do with some artists. Maybe I can score some cheap art that I can tell my friends in Bombay, I paid triple for. They'll still think it is dirt cheap.

I asked everyone if they were attending the German consulate black tie dinner and everyone was. So, we'll catch up in a week's time again.


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