Monday, June 21, 2004

Miss Varsha, strawberries, and cream, and especially the cream.

So I admit it.
I am a tennis junkie.
A significantly large proportion of my boyfriends-only-they-don't-know-it are professional tennis players.
Indeed it is extremely disturbing to me how ass ugly some of the new crop of professionaly tennis players are. You would expect that someone whose yearly income ranges in the millions would at the least not sport a dirty, ragged mullet, but I digress.

Wimbledon started today, and with it the opportunity to watch lots of repeated coverage of a sweaty Andy Roddick running around (Thanks ESPN ! For your completely xenophobic sports coverage, at least in this regard.) and I ate a blueberry and cream croissant for lunch to mark the occasion. Not quite the traditional bowl of strawberries and cream, but I was never very traditional was I ?

Miss Varsha


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