Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Miss Varsha's take on it.

Warning : You really expect a warning before one of Miss Varsha's posts ?

wearing trashy, skanky, revealing, hippy-like clothes

WORD. For the Indians amongst us, doing the same while growing long oily hair and saying "Whateva'" with an "a" at the end does not make you a hip urban hipster, even if you do fucking live in bloody orgasmogenic Bangalore. It only makes you a trashy skanky oily HO, with bad pronounciation to boot.

Indians talk different

Word word WORD. If I want to spell pronounce with the O, or aeroplane with the fucking AE, I can, and can we please get over our combined eurocentric mania, and accept that Indian English is a valid language as native speakers outnumber the motherfucking Irish, Australian, Canadian, BRITISH and American speakers put together. So you pretentious college educated fucks from the foothills of Coonoor can just stow your OEDs up your pretentious overenunciating ass.
Also, memo to LANDMARK CINEMAS, I appreciate the thought, but saying "The language of film is Universal" in seventeen different EUROPEAN languages does not make it universal, it makes it EUROPEAN.

India is not all bullock carts, snake charmers or Ma Anandmayi

Im running out of my WORD allotment for the day. Also, second memo to the Talking Good is Good department, AGREEANCE is not, I repeat NOT a word. Can someone please explain the not snake charmers fact to the asshole from the busstop yesterday who out of the blue after establishing that I was Indian asked me "Are there lots of King Cobras there ?". Yes, and they are missing their cousins the Black Mambas who run around the streets of Minneapolis day in and day out, asshat.

India does not pay slackers to sit around and pretend to be intellectual

Except in West Bengal where due to secular enlightenment, said slackers and their idiotic communist idealogues are set to govern the rest of the non slackers, PLUMPIE.

And can someone please please PLEASE give a giant slap to all the exoticising and self exoticising Indian and Non Indian fucks who claim they love the Indian sense of Joy de Virve and Masala and Color and Music. Like the vast majority of people everywhere, the vast majority of Indians are just that, ie people, and they do the vast majority of things including sing, dance, act and dress badly.

So the next time some one drags you to a bad Bollywood movie with psychotically shrieking virginal women dressed in Bright Purple who live in giant houses with Staircases in the foyers, kindly do not smugly smirk and wistfully say "Ah, you Indians are so full of life". Becase, that, to the normal amongst us is more insulting than you can imagine.

Miss Varsha


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