Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Google Adsense Rocks!

My blog has been approved for Google's adsense! Yipppeeeee!!!! Thanks Google! Thank you! I love you very, very much!

I thought that since I do waste a lot of time because of my blog, I must get something out of it, atleast for charity. Now, my friend Varsha is in a tight spot. His PhD is ending, he doesn't have a job yet and no postdoc has been confirmed. So effectively by the end of this month he will have no means to support himself and he cannot work in the USA since his visa is only a student's visa. His advisor has cut off his funding and is not being very nice. So, the revenue that I get from Google will go to Varsha. When he gets a job, I will donate these earnings to charity or to people in need. I will never keep these earnings for myself.

So please people keep clicking on the ads you see on my site. They are all for a good cause.

Just in case, anyone wants to know how my blog got approved, I have realised that writing to the Google guys helps. This is the letter I wrote begging for approval:

Dear Google-Adsense,

These are the reasons why I feel you should NOT reject my blog for adsense:

1) My blog is probably the only Indian independent blog that is freefrom cliques, original in thought and much more wittier than the rest.
2) My blog has visitors from all parts of the world and not just fromIndia. I do not have any site stats right now, but I know for a factthat I have visitors from all over.
3) I am planning to change my blog from a personal one into a foodblog though it will always retain its personal character.
4) The earnings from my blog will not line my deep pockets but will beused to help my friend who is in between jobs right now.
5) If adsense can be seen on extreme right-wing blogs, simply becausethey gather a lot of traffic, why not on my pacifist and sensible one?
6) When my friend does find a job and no longer requires funding, Iplan to donate the earnings to charity. I earn enough for myself to not need these earnings.

Thanks and hope you do not reject my blog.


Seems like it worked. I am happy!


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