Saturday, August 28, 2004

Mandatory weekly whine

The past few days have been like being in a labour camp. I am so stressed out I can't sleep. Since I can't sleep, I get more tired than I should, and that increases my stress. Its a never-ending repetitive cycle. God, to sleep for eight complete non-interrupted hours I will do anything, ANYTHING. I need to get away. I need a goddamn fuckin' vacation. I need a holiday. I can't afford (Not moneywise, just time and circumstances-wise) one till December and that is how the story goes.

Now that I am done with the bad news, the good news. The past week has been surprisingly good workwise despite the overload. Also, I now have a club membership. Was offered two, but have opted for the one where I am liable to meet lesser people and where I can swim, play tennis, use the gym, get spa treatments and get really yummy food at huge discounts. Hehehe! I plan to go to every single evening after work. I'm a sucker for spa treatments.

I have just decided that I need some retail therapy. Afterall, I must be dressed right at the gym, non?


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