Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Neither here nor there and Boring birthday resolutions

I am turning 28 next Monday. Another 2 years and I shall be 30. I have nothing to show for it save for 38 pairs of shoes, scant German and 3 paintings. Looking back at life, I see the foolish mistakes I made, and the time I wasted. Right now, when I try and reason out my crazy schedules, I know that I am making up for lost time. If I was a loser, I'd be whining about how life dealt me a raw deal, but I like to think I am not, or maybe I'm just fooling myself? Still, I have had some lucky breaks and I suppose I should be glad for them?

Birthday resolutions:
  1. Will be more sociable
  2. Will raise count of shoes to 50 this year
  3. Will start to save for own home
  4. Will exercise regularly
  5. Will never overeat
  6. Will drink a glass of milk/ soymilk everyday
  7. Will try and sustain relationships of all kinds
  8. Will avoid fighting with parents/ siblings/ relatives despite their high annoyance factor
  9. Will not worry about trivial matters

Hmmm... That is pretty saintly by my standards. Heh!


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