Monday, August 30, 2004

Madame loudmouth

Some women should know when to shut the fuck up. Yesterday, I had to go to the gym to check out my new membership and for some complimentary spa treatments. I was given a walking tour of the premises and the gym manager was a nice, friendly woman. While she was showing me around the steam chambers and sauna rooms, we bumped into this other new member who claimed to be a dermatologist and who was rather eager to just talk. I didn't know her from adam and a total loudmouth.

She practically held us both at ransom and started this diatribe on how Indians and Asians have lovely skin and how Europeans do not. It was reverse racism at its best. Anyhow. I made unintelligible sounds and I wanted to just escape. In real life, I sometimes find it very hard to be rude. Anyway, then this woman in her crass, loud voice says, " Oh! Europeans stink so much!" and other totally embarassing things. I wanted her to stop and I just wanted her to go away. Finally I told the gym manager that I thought I would miss my treatments if we didnt hurry and she took the hint. Both of us turned towards the massage rooms and to our horror we see this white-skinned lady, obviously either European or American right ahead sitting on the sofas and sipping lime juice with a grim look on her face. I could have died at that moment. I wish I could throttle that stupid, racist bitch. I went red and the manager apologised to the lady for the noise. At moments like this, I know there are racist bastards all over the world and I seriously wonder how people grow up to be so offensive. That is one dermatologist I am never ever going to! I just wish I could jam that stupid woman in a Delhi State Transport bus on a June afternoon, then we'd see if she still thinks Indians don't smell. I hope to God, I never bump into both those women ever agian. With my luck, I know I am going to bump into her again and agian.


At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Madam ... by saying that being on a bus in Delhi means that Indians smell means you are also a 'racist bitch'. Have you met all Indians? ... they love to bathe...something that not all Europeans are very used to doing.

I am also white but I have lived in France, Czech Republic, Britain (not so bad the smell in UK) and Germany.

Now logic says that when a person is poor, they are probably prone to smelling bad due to lack of hygiene as may be the case in certain regions of Delhi ... but when you are NOT poor like many Europeans and you STILL SMELL something is wrong there and that's what she probably means. You are offensive.



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