Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Shoe-of-the-day Project - Vote

I desperately want to do some photo-blogging. I was wondering what to blog about. Is anyone here interested in a shoe-of-the-day project for an entire month? Everyday I shall post photos of the shoe I am wearing. Everyday a new shoe.

If I get 3 assents, I will take the project up. If I don't, no viewing of my nether regions for anyone. 3 isnt a high number, is it? What to do, I keep my sights very low. If I do get the requisite amount of assents, the shoe-of-the-month project will start from the 14th of September. So go ahead and post your assents, people!

Update - 1 more assent required. Please, please, someone paste another assent. :)


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