Thursday, September 09, 2004

Tearing me hair out

I am fearing a huge depression phase coming on, partly because of my birthday, partly due to PMS.

Since I have so much bile in me today, a rant or two should do me good?

Rant1: I hate women who are light-skinner or "fair". In India, even if a woman looks like a total dog and is fair, she is considered beautiful. What the fuck is wrong with people? I know many women who are butt-ass ugly, with small mean eyes, a mean mouth and totally mean-looking faces who are raved over just because they are fair. A case in point: Karisma Kapoor. Everytime I look at her ugly mug, I am astounded. How can anyone find her beautiful? How?

Rant 2: I have something against young men from Calcutta. I find them way annoying. If one could hear them speak, you would understand what I mean. Kafka, Brecht, Shakespeare are favourite topics of discussion, which is all very well. Good conversation is always wonderful, BUT what is the point of good conversation if it is all wool being pulled over one's eyes. The point I am trying to make, is that these young men don't actually mean what they pretend to value and that is the hugest annoyance I have. On one hand, you have these so-called sons of the soils affecting socialist poses and smoking gold flake cigarettes and on the other hand, on digging further you realise that they in reality work for corporations and multi-nationals. Why pretend to be something you are not? Why do you have double standards? Not only are these fellows affecting false ideologies, but standing in the bar of an elitist club (that has only started accepting female members since last year, but thats meandering from the main rant), wearing a "I love Dusit Thani" tee, and affecting such a stance makes it even more ridiculous. I hate humbugs. I hate affected, pompous humbugs. I hate impractical, affected, pompous humbugs. I hate pseudo-communist, impractical, affected, pompous humbugs. Bah!

Rant 3: My third rant is about desi students in the USA. What is it about USA that makes one such a pompous, loud-mouthed ass? I have friends in the USA (Hi! Varsha) and friends in Europe (Hi! Sayan) who have on appearances gone abroad on the pretext of higher studies. My friends in Europe remain delightful and mostly pretty much the same people they used to be in India. My friends in USA have changed. I wish I could say for the better but, sadly I can't. ALL my friends in the USA have become boring loudmouths and smug bastards who think they know what is best for India now that they are in the USA. India remains poor, corrupt, time-warped and dirty for them. Now, mind you, large parts of India do remain that way, but there are pockets of India which are not as dismal as that. I know urban and rural areas both that are sanctuaries of peace and calm. I find attitudes changing in India, very slowly, but they are changing. I find the attitude of Indians who do that most annoying. I find it racist that they look down on everything Indian, and are genuinely surprised if they find no gaps in knowledge in an Indian. Why do they do that? Why does America do that to people? Why?

Ah! I feel better already.


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