Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Airtel - Rant

I have two cellphone numbers. I use one and my father uses the other one. My father and I do not stay in the same city. Anyhow. The number I use is a corporate number but my father's number is a personal number and I am responsible for paying the cell bills on time. My bill is received at my workplace address and my father's bill comes to my home address. So far so good. Fucking Airtel is the service provider both of us use.

Now, earlier this month I was travelling and when I returned there was no Airtel bill. Given the fact that my memory is the worst on this entire planet, it was but natural that I would forget all about my father's bill. Then, my parents told me a whole five days after I had been in town that Airtel had barred all outgoing calls on my Dad's number. I immediately called Airtel and asked them the bill amount and informed them that I had not received a bill from them. The phone monkey was polite and I was happy that everything was ok. Apparently not. I got the cheque dropped in (for a larger amount than the bill) and was happy that I had been a good and conscientious customer etc. etc. My good humour was short-lived.

Now, these events took place few days back and I had got the cheque dropped on a holiday. The day I dropped my cheque, I called Airtel and gave them the cheque details. The collection agency that Airtel uses was apparently not informed about this development and for the past two days called up my father and threatened him. Dad called me up and asked me if I had dropped the cheque or not and was distressed by the fact that he could be hounded out of home and hearth for not paying an Airtel bill worth some INR 500.00. I called up Airtel to be met by an extremely pert miss who made lame excuses about the collection agency being assholes and that really got my goat. Now, I would like suggestions on how one can really screw airtel. I have a good mind of registering for ihateairtel.com and creating a spoofed porno website. Idea got from HERE. However, because of professional reasons I can't do that. Maybe I could fund such an effort? Eh? I would much appreciate any evil ideas.

Oh! I forgot to mention that when I spoke with pert miss and informed her that the delay was in part due to the fact that I had not received my bill, the airhead tells me, "That was because the courier found the door locked and the bill was returned." I asked her why the courier couldnt slip it in my letterbox or give it to my landlord. I was told because apparently the Airtel bills are SO important that they need to be delivered in person only. I am astounded by this logic and policy. What will the assholes come up with next?


At 3:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i cant get my mobile bill to my communicaton address,,,,,,, please do the need full.


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