Wednesday, November 17, 2004


My capacity to goof up and land in impossible situations is unsurpassed. Its not as if I am careless, its just that fate has conspired to show me up in the worst possible light most of the time.

I met this person at a meeting. We hit it off from the first "Hello!" Then I was invited to their firm in Germany. That is the good part. When I reached their offices it was all ok, save that I had this unsurmountable urge to visit the call of nature. Err... I just HAD to pee. So, I asked for the ladies room. I thought I had locked the door and was just starting to pee on the pot when the door suddenly opened and a woman walked half in. I yelled, "OHMIGOSH!" and the next few moments passed by in a blur. I locked the door again in panic and finished my business. I was red and flushed AND I had a meeting. Anyway, I composed myself and then I found I had locked myself in. They had to get the locksmith to get me out. Then I discovered that the woman (who walked into the bathroom) was my friend's secretary. I will never be able to speak with anyone from their firm without flushing or wishing myself dead.


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