Saturday, July 09, 2005

Dr. Death

I am looking for a Gynaecologist in Calcutta who will not ask, "Madam do you have a boyfriend?" before I even open my mouth. My gynae is leaving for better climes, not that she was much of a help, I could never tell her about my depression since she knew loads of people I know, but atleast she was helpful and did not make me feel guilty about going for consultations alone.

The weirdest thing I find, is that women in Calcutta go to gynaecologists with husbands, fathers, brothers or mothers in tow. They outstare any woman who goes alone. Not only that, but the doctor also asks soliticiously, "Why have you come alone? Don't you have a friend to accompany you?" Why would I want a friend to accompany me if I have been bleeding like a slaughtered pig and am already irritated and going onto nasty? I remember once on such an occassion, the doctor (not my gynae) asked me if I had a boyfriend. Huh? Isn't it just better to ask me if I am getting banged or something?

I have another trip scheduled with my gynae, my last one, since she is going away (and I shall miss her, despite her proclivity to enquire about my family while examining my ummm... regions) and she has referred me to someone who just does not sound comfortable to me. Problems, problems, problems.


At 3:29 AM, Blogger BridalBeer said...

These doctors are socially obliged to write "Dr. Mrs." That's their view of the world, and hence these annoying questions of "Why alone?" etc. I suspect it's also a sense of cheap curiosity. Good luck.

At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Ananya said...

Errr ... I think asking whether you have a boyfriend or not is just an euphemism for asking if you are getting some.. And I totally relate to the whole (not) having company thing, every single time I have to go to the O-Bee-Gee-Why-En, my significant other offers his services and I'm like - Dude, its not a party you know!


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