Friday, September 23, 2005

Married To The Job

Concentrating on the whys and wherefores, our group brainstorms. Different accents, different lives, different people, different experiences all asking - Why? Why? Why? Suddenly, things fall into place and then we argue about how to make our theory foolproof and guide it through crashing, experienced breakers unharmed. Finally we have a presentable solution and we present it and defend ourselves. When our presentation is over, we fall into our seats gratefully and hear what the other groups have to say. Picking holes in other presentations, now seems fun.

Then, for a moment, I drop out and look at the room, tutors, students, observers. More younger people, beginners really, industrious, hard-working beginners. This group is different from most groups consisting of young people this age. For one, the IQ levels are way high. Most of us have dual masters degrees, enviable resumes and impressive academic backgrounds. Almost everyone is dressed in suits. Since this is not work, most suits are casual, but a suit is a suit is a suit. The women are dressed smartly but conservatively. I look at myself in a casual linen suit and a formal blouse and mules and for a moment, the rock chick in me dressed in jeans and a short, short tee wants to burst out singing "Dead Flowers" but then my brain screams at a major flaw in the presentation of the other group and I pounce on it and raise my hand to interject. I can't let that get away can I?


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