Thursday, September 22, 2005

Two Heads Better Than One

I have worked long and hard for a moment like this. Now, I can sit back and wait, listen to criticism, comments and opinions. I'm excited but I don't know the outcome and can only hope things go well. Do mothers feel this way after birthing? Because its MY baby and I've invested 6 months of my life to this. How will I feel handing it over to my team member? Will I micromanage him and obssess and worry? Will it be easy to walk away? Will I toss and turn wondering what, oh god, what is going on? Will the strategizing, planning, hard work bear any fruit? Please God please, don't let me fail.


At 4:25 AM, Anonymous wanderingindysoul said...

I follow your blog regularly, Just want to let you know that seem you come across as a self made person and worked hard for what you wanted and have reached a stage where you are comfortable about most things.. thats great really. Your blogs are quite inspiring sometimes and soo very real


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