Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon

There was a time when we discussed boys, bras, Simone Beauvoir, GPAs, ice-cream, hair dos, nails, professors and late night shows. Now, we talk about significant others (or in my case the lack of, and I'm sorry but now it sometimes hurts when you all seem to say, "spinster", anyhow), bosses, careers, pregnancies, how it hurts to wear socks now, housing loans and if it is better to buy houses or flats. We used to be in a hurry to grow up but somehow, I'm not so convinced I like it entirely.

So, thank you ladies for replying to my email within one day. We are all spread over the globe. I have not even met some of your husbands, boyfriends, children but they all know how I rigged the elections. So, thank you for the inclusions and I hope we meet soon.


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