Saturday, December 03, 2005

What's a Sweetheart Like You Doing In a Dump Like This?

I have to pack and I'm procrastinating. So, just because I feel like making a list, I'm making one of all the chores I would like to outsource.

1. Do my packing.
2. Water my plants and remember which is watered when.
3. Remember birthdays and all important days and do the needful. I'm crap at remembering.
4. Do my papers. I hate this dealing with paperwork thing. Ugh! I hate paper. I hate statements, bills, taxes and dealing with finances. I desperately need a full-time dedicated accountant. Being tall, athletic, with dreamy eyes and a killer technique would definitely be appreciated.
5. Pay the bills. I waste so much time doing this. Enter dreamboat accountant. Sigh!
6. Deciding what clothes to wear. I waste so much time on this it would be nice to have someone decide this for me.
7. Grocery Shopping and keeping track of the basics. Two reasons: (i) I hate idiots in department stores who can't fucking stand in the fucking queue. (ii) I'm crap at it. Right now, I'm out of sugar and have 8 kgs of rice. What was I thinking?
8. Keeping my shoes cleaned. When I'm dealing with this, I wish to God I didn't have so many shoes.
9. Keeping my music, movies and books organised.

If only I could outsource all these mind-numbing, time-wasting chores. Tsk!


At 5:06 AM, Blogger rainbeau_peep said...

if u could make no. 1 on the list - "Be a VH1 celebrity" - then the rest of your problems would be solved


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