Friday, March 17, 2006

AND of course...

I miss elder sister too, who cleaned my fridge, kitchen, cooked and shopped for me and finally spent time with ME as promised!

Does ANYONE remember A-Team? It was the silliest of shows but so very enjoyable as silly things often are. What I really found side-splitting was Hannibal giving the villain "advice" like, "Next time don't just hire people to do your job, get a TEAM." During the 80s, I and my sister were hooked to it. When I say hooked, I mean HOOKED. The weird part is that we watched the entire series dubbed in German. Even then, we loved it. On Tuesday afternoon, we suddenly discovered a re-run on some channel and it was as if we were 9 and 11 again. We introduced it to the neph. After the show, the neph had a testosterone surge and insisted on wrestling for atleast an hour. Some things really run in families. I remember my brother behaving in exactly the same way after A-team when he was 5 too.


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