Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bunkhouse Theme

Notes to smirky concierge of Indian descent:
1. If I could go and get tickets, why would I ask you? Isn't that what you are supposed to do, anyway?
2. Pray what is so funny that you have to smirk all the fucking time I was asking you to get tickets for "Confessions of 300 unmarried men"?
3. If I tell you tickets are available on sistic, isn't it obvious I have milked the fucking site for all it is worth already?
4. I KNOW an espresso with double shots might keep me awake at night.
5. If I asked you to arrange a taxi for an airport drop, I'm obviously not bothered that flagging a taxi is cheaper and do you think if I was bothered about saving 10 dollars, I would stay at your upscale establishment?

So, kindly do not offer unsolicited advice and try and listen to what your guests actually want, instead of offering your sorry-ass opinions. I'm the fucking guest and I'm mighty pissed off at your inefficiency and am never staying with you again.


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