Sunday, July 02, 2006

Next Time I shall Salsa

I joined Salsa classes today on a whim. I had gone to the gym to work out and saw the advertisements and signed up. While they taught me the mambo, the rumba, the closed salsa, the open salsa and the right turn, I didn't think about work, my career or worries even once.

All the people in my class including the instructors were way younger than me, thinner and shorter. Even the men! If I wear heels, the guys will have to hold my back and not my shoulder.

I like doing the salsa. I like being led, being guided through the motions, now I just have to find a partner taller than me. I didn't realise how strenuous it would be and how enjoyable and how sensual.

I've gone to so many salsa bars and never danced, just watched. Next time, I'm going to be on the floor till they close the doors.


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