Thursday, June 22, 2006

Things I hate About Calcutta

1. Buying birth control pills. All the assholes at pharmacies scrutinize the tablets and me as if they have nothing better to do but memorize the medical compositions of the goddamned pills for a recitation performance at gyan mancha just that very fucking moment. I have abashed many assholes by saying, "dada, jodi poda hoi geche, ektu settle korbein?" (brother, if you've finished reading, could you please hurry?) I really want to know, does this happen with anyone else or is it just me? Here I am being a good citizen, heeding the government's population control policies and there are the great bong lower middle-class thought police. I actually have started buying my pills in bulk from thailand or singapore, but once in a while I have to and this happens all the fucking time and I'm very pissed about it.
2. Club ladies. Arghhhhh!!! Firstly, women in Calcutta have nothing to be excited at, its only since last year or nearabouts that clubs in calcutta have started accepting women members and so I find it REALLY weird when women look down their noses at my club and snootily tell me, "Oh! My club is Tolly/ CCFC/ Bengal/ Calcutta or whatever they think is way kewl." Lady had it not been for your husband/ brother/ father, you would not be in a position to say that. There are a handful of lady members and I think I know them all. Sad, but true. Calcutta class distinctions really crack me up sometimes.
3. Bad, inconvenient flight connections especially international airlines. I have to waste 2 days if I have to fly anywhere abroad, and I'm pissed. Nothing annoys me more than my time being wasted and I hate waiting, so this is a major peeve I have.


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