Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The more I see the world, the more I feel women have it tough, REAL tough. Picture this: 50 CEOs talking on how they made it and only 1 of them a woman. How sad can that be and how scary and how uninspiring.

I meet about 15 women, all working for top corporates and all married and somehow are more impressed with their husbands' careers. Sad again.

Out of said 15 women, I get to know 5 really well and the amount of control their husbands have, is scary. I may be over-reacting, but I still think Indian women have the rawest deal if they are working.

I am actually told that since I am not married, I wouldn't understand compromise. Sure, babes, that's just why I didn't get married because I didn't want to "compromise". Because I'm very selfish and because I refuse to "compromise". That doesn't mean I don't empathize, which is why I feel really sorry for all working women in India.

Which is why I'm still smarting because I resent the pressure by the ex, by society and everytime some idiot calls me Mrs. Plumpie. I resent that Indian men are such assholes, I resent that people think they can encroach on my time just because I don't have the demands of a husband and children and more than anything else I resent the curiosity of strangers who want to know my supposed tragedies.


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