Monday, July 02, 2007

Stop Being Stupid

I'm sick of women being non-competitive at work. I'm sick of women not working or giving up work. I'm sick of women depending on men. I'm sick of men being the primary breadearners. I'm sick of women being so fucking stupid. Is it so hard to understand that being financially sound is the key to not having shit in your life?

Long, long ago, when I was struggling, looking for a job that would feed and clothe me to my exacting standards, I dabbled in social work. I helped out (read - was bullied into by ponappa) at a lgbt helpline. My assistance lasted a total of 4 months. It consisted of listening to mostly women and some men whine. It was very hard for me. There were stories of real horror, loathing and distress. Once my initial shock had worn off and I started applying my mind into offering "helpful" suggestions, I realised that one cannot help people who are not ready to be helped. Most of the stories consisted of women having to toe what their families thought was best for them either by emotional blackmail, coercion or sometimes by brute force. My solution to most of them was get a JOB. Despite the fact that my job was nothing to write home about at that point of time, I was atleast aware that having money and being in control was the one way to improve your life. What surprised me was that most women did not like hearing this suggestion. Most of them were waiting for some magical rescue from the situation they were in and were not willing to move a muscle to change the situation. Many times, I had this irresistable urge to slap sense into them, to shake them by their shoulders and shout into their ears to wake up and grow up and stop dreaming. I was an unsuccessful volunteer then and in disgust, I made a firm resolve to not wallow in anyone else's tragedies but my own. Life has changed. I've grown up, am working hard and am working my way towards financial independence.

The feeling I used to have while volunteering, creeps in these days when I get to meet women socially these days. This whole crap about being a "homemaker", enjoying your child, being an earth mother is fucking the world up. Firstly, the job scenario doesn't give a shit that you have to burden the world with your spawn. Re-entering the work place is tough and a break in a resume is a break in a resume. Secondly, I don't think that women staying at home make the best mothers or mother their children better. All that residual guilt is just in your mind. Your kid will still love you and kids these days sort of understand that parents work in general. I meet these annoying "homemakers" at my gym, club and other places, where they wistfully tell me they used to be an investment banker or doctor or engineer before they started reproducing. Everytime I hear this, I go have a stiff drink, simply because I have to dull my senses to avoid slapping that woman hard for being such a sorry ass loser. Bah! If you have opted for a life as a dependent, just stop moaning and groaning to total strangers about it. Thirdly, when you stand and talk of women being equal or some similar shit, just shut up. If women were really equal, could you be guilted into giving up your job? Would your husband do the same? Wouldn't your husband contribute equally in bringing up your devil spawn? Wouldn't there be an equal number of women in every profession? Would only 14% of workers in India be female? Tell me.

I just wish women stop being stupid, focus on their careers a little more and get more assertive in their lives. Oh! And not marrying or being with an asshole helps too.



At 3:19 PM, Blogger kiwiandkitsch said...

you cud write a few nice things about me here.. he, he, he!

At 1:28 PM, Blogger Plumpernickel said...

I'm open to bribing, you know that, right?

At 6:40 AM, Anonymous In Actual Fact said...

If one wants to be financially independent (whether male or female) I think the magic term is somewhat rude, but precise.
Is the man or woman who earns a very good wage, but has to spend it all on their mortgage, free? Or freer than their partner bringing up the next generation of reprobates?

Oh and as for a gap on a resumé, try putting "self-employed" - I'm sure "fatherhood leave" would give me better results.

At 2:35 PM, Blogger Plumpernickel said...

That is true and I am working towards it.

Nobody who earns a "wage" is really free. The social conditions in India are very, very different to Europe and the UK and the one thing that actually helps a lot of people uniformly (in context of my post) is earning a salary as opposed to having nothing to their name, especially women.


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