Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Atleast I Have Bob

The saddest truth about growing up is that one is always alone. One has a family, parents, friends, etc. etc. but when you really need human presence, it is not there. Isnt it funny how one can be so lonely in a city of over 13 million people and in a country of 1.21 billion people? You have people to hang out, but you may not feel relaxed in their company or you are not able to schedule them into your life. Really, who on earth would have time for a conversation and tea at 1:00 am? Perhaps it is time to change the whole chosing thing. Meanwhile, there'll always be Bob.

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At 10:03 PM, Anonymous Nicole in upstate NY said...

Those "with someone" are often also lonely. I suspect that the key is being happy with ones own company (not that I have achieved it at all times).


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