Friday, February 20, 2004

Next time I want a huge, obscene gadzillion carat diamond ring

I am destined to die alone, but before I do that I shall have the time of my life. I wish I knew how to be a needy person in a relationship, atleast I would get huge, obscene gadzillion carat diamond jewellery for Valentine's day. Sadly, I get sick of the men in my life pretty soon and often break up right before the V day. Not that it would make any difference, I think it is the silliest marketing gimmick, ever. But, I confess to a deep admiration for women who are gifted jewellery and diamonds on V day. I've never got even a brass pin out of any of the boyfriends (is it because of my insistence on footing half the bill?) or any baubles or trinkets. One of my friends showed me a diamond pendant she got from her boyfriend and I normally dismiss her as a flake, but that set me thinking, wasnt I worth a tiny, tiny blob of diamond (am even willing to settle for emeralds and sapphires) or what? I feel like some spoiling and right now and very material. I don't wear jewellery, and in my grand scheme of things, I shall liquidate all such baubles and use it to buy books and CDs since the run is lean right now and I am cutting down on the book buying. But, I shall not reveal that ofcourse. Now, I have another deep, dark secret. I suppose I could ask for books and CDs as gifts, but the kind of woman who gets books is so different from the kind of woman who gets jewellery. Ofcourse i've never been any of those women because I haven't ever been gifted any of the two, and its hard to choose what kinds I want to be next.


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