Thursday, November 18, 2004

Doing all the right things... at the wrong time

I have pampered myself this past one month. I bought a bigger flat-screen TV (I had a 15 inches portable set uptil now) and a DVD player. The day I got it, my parents were visiting. My father switched my new TV on and pressed some programming buttons on the remote control and the remote control just would not work. The funny bit is that my four year old nephew was there too, but the damage was done by my dad. Anyway...

Yesterday night (2:00 a.m.), I opened all manuals and fixed the remote control. My father had accidentally put it into favourites mode. So, now I have a lovely TV, DVD player and lots of nice music at home. Now I plan to buy loads of CDs and have fun, fun, fun. At 3:00 am I was listening to my 4 month old unopened until yesterday night, Macy Gray CD, sipping tomato juice and reading a day old newspaper.


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