Sunday, November 21, 2004

Remembering a taste of the sea

The best part about my travelling is the good food I eat and get to eat. Not to say good food is not available in Calcutta, it is, but mostly good Indian or Asian food. I am however nuts about sea-food. I love the sea-food platters one gets all over Europe (or so it seems) and my favourite meal for all times now is a seafood platter (snails, oysters, prawns, mussels, everything), crusty baguettes or any fresh whole grain bread with non-salted butter. Mmmmmm.... This with a riesling or if the occassion is even faintly joyous, with champagne.

The last time I had this was in Luxembourg of all places. This was followed by grilled fish and salad and a coffee and cake in a old french bakery that was the most darling place I have ever seen (The coffee and cake and not the meal in the bakery). Photos will follow maybe later. I asked the owner if he had any Luxembourg speciality and he crustily told me, "Madame, this is an old french bakery." I love the french, really. The world needs crusty traditionalists and the way they cook is non-pareil. Heh. I am nothing if not selfish when it comes to food.


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