Sunday, November 21, 2004

Weekly ruminations

There is so much to write about being in Calcutta... The Mittal wedding that set new standards in tawdriness, the always interesting art exhibitions at this time of the year, the wine tasting event organized by Grover's, the slight nip in the air, Bombay film stars being in town for more than a month (I recognised one today despite working out in the same gym for two days in a row!), the arrival of the winter veggies in the market and the approaching Christmas. I will be in town for Christmas but out of it for the new year with my mom and sister!

I am looking forward to buying some new paintings in the next few months. My assignments this time have thankfully come back with higher scores than ever. I am exercising frequently and my weight is not going down, but miraculously I have lost 1 inch around my waist and dropped a size. So maybe I am "toning up" or something? My body will always remain a mystery to me and its downsizing/ upsizing will never make sense or so it seems.


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